Breath. Reconnect. Awaken.


Open yourself to transformation.

My name is Shakya and my lifework is elevating people’s lives through healthy practices for mind, body and spirit. It’s amazing the positive energy people can invite into their lives by simply adopting new behaviors into their lifestyle.

I am centered on personal growth and awareness. Exercise, the healing arts, and community projects are driving forces in my life. I enjoy working with a variety of different people and would be excited to meet with you


Online & In-Home Fitness, Well-being & Health


Qi Gong, Meditation & Healing Arts


Superfoods, Mushrooms & Locally-made Tinctures

Holistic, Simple and Effective

Shakya’s approach to healthy living came with the realization that people needed easy ways to balance their bodies and be healthy. He bridges the gap between disciplines rooted in the Eastern healing arts and Western sports science. Shakya’s practice is centered on the idea that emotions, the mind, the body, and its many systems are deeply interconnected.

“When we develop our mind-body connection, we inherently cultivate a deeper sense of wellbeing into our lives”

Shakya’s knowledge and experience in the field of health and wellness allow him to meet each individual at their level and ability. He progressively integrates the appropriate exercises that are guaranteed to bring more strength, balance, and vitality into his clients’ lives.

“Lead life with a healthier and more balanced body; a positive outlook and vibrant spirit will naturally follow.”

Healthier emotions, a positive outlook