Online Offerings

Fitness, Health & Wellbeing Sessions

in-home and in-person sessions available upon request

One-on-One or Semi-Private

  • Develop Physical Alignment
  • Optimize Cardiovascular function
  • Develop proper Body Mechanics
  • Stretch & Strengthen weaknesses and imbalances
  • Break-up adhesions that are restricting mobility
  • Gain more Mobility, Stability & Flexibility
  • Improve Blood Circulation & Body Awareness
  • Look & Feel Good


Online BodyMechaniX Classes

There is freedom in taking responsibility for our own health and wellbeing. We’re holding eachother accountable, checking in regularly, developing internal strength, and building a solid foundation together. From absolute beginner to elite athlete; everyone benefits!

Be Happy about the positive transformation you are inviting into your life.

BodyMechaniX is a comprehensive series of exercises, methods, and techniques designed with optimal physical function and performance in mind. Get online with us in the convenience of your own home and have the simple goal of attending two sessions a week. When we establish a healthy habit it becomes a part of who we are and how we carry ourselves in the world.

Build yourself from the ground up, at your own pace and step-by-step; progressive integration is key. Expect immediate results; more stability, mobility, functional strength and a greater sense of wellbeing both inside and out. No special equipment required.

Includes: Initial consultation to understand your goals and where you’re starting, Monthly check-ins to discuss progress and assess goals


Balance & Flow (Earth & Water)

Restorative, No impact, Low intensity: Focus on Breath, Movement, and Alignment. Gentle, Relaxing, and Healing Movements. Longevity, Mobility, and Grace. Highly Accessible. Universally Beneficial.

Burned out? Out of balance? Begin the week with your breath. Step out of your busy mind. Invite transformation and embody longevity.

Regenerator (Earth & Fire)

Minimal impact, Medium to High Intensity: East meets West. Martial Arts and Western Performance-Based Conditioning. Slow Burn Postures, Progressive Full-Body Engagement.

A balance of internal and external movements. Fast results. You will look and feel like a different animal within three sessions.


Warrior (Fire & Air)

Medium to High Impact, High Intensity: Muscle Building, Fat Burning. Anaerobic. ChallengingPushing your limits. Raising the fire.

Develop athletic ability, speed, size, and explosive power.

Note: listen to your body 100% of the time. Not recommended for those with limiting injuries; inflammation of the joints; mental, emotional, or physical instability. Discuss plan of attack with Shakya before proceeding.


Get Healthy & Live Your Best Life